Artist Statement: Merging Global Spiritual and Digital Cultures

The passage of time from maiden to crone, the relationship of ancient and contemporary signs and symbols, and the merging of virtual vs. spiritual transport are issues explored in this exhibit. My current interest in signs and symbols grew out of a number of trips I took to Asia between 2001 and 2008. While traveling, I couldn’t help but notice the ubiquitous use of symbols. There were symbols for birth, death and good luck found on clothing, jewelry, calendars, shrines, temples, and public transportation. I began to take note, collect and ponder.  To primitive man, symbols were a natural part of everyday life, but to modern man they are meaningless, or are they?  As my explorations broadened, I began to see similarities between Eastern and Western cultures. The first time I saw a QR code I was mesmerized. What was this beautiful little black and white design square? As I soon discovered, it was a code that when scanned with an I Phone, transports the viewer to a virtual space. At the time, I was studying Eastern mandalas and was struck by the similarities. Mandalas are a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe and help transport believers to a spiritual center whereas QR codes help transport believers to a virtual place. The relationship was eye opening. This relationship is something I have been exploring as I silkscreen, collage and embed QR codes and symbols in contemporary mandalas. As I repeat and print symbols again and again they create something more. New symbols emerge and challenge how we see our world, ourselves and our spiritual journey.